How to get rid of garter snakes in basement

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How to get rid of garter snakes in basement

The two best ways to get rid of a snake in the basement is to either: 1) Catch it by hand and take it outside (you can use a tool like a snake grabber, or thick gloves or a towel). If you can't do this, you can call out a pro to do it for you. Snakes in the Basement or Under a House. Before you can hope to get rid of any snakes inside your home, you will need to patch all the openings that might allow them inside the building. Snakes are not as industrious as other nuisance animals, and will not chew through sealants and other blockades. Mar 22, 2006Get yourself lots of salt and just coat the ground around your house it will get rid of them. it may kill your lawn a little but it should rid you of your snakes. Cold chills are all over ME hate snakes too. I'd look for their nest and that's where i would put all the salt and stand out of the way as they go snaky believe me. Garter Snake Infestation In Your Home: What You Can Do About It Having a creepy crawly snake scurrying around your home may sound scary enough. Imagine if your house was a literal hibernating den for thousands of garter snakes, like the nowfamous ' Snake House ' in Idaho that had to be abandoned by its unlucky homeowners. To get a general idea of what kind of snakes may be lurking in your backyard, take stock of the climate in your neck of the woods. Cottonmouths like water, while rattlesnakes live in arid regions. If you are in an area with mild grasslands like the Midwest, then you will probably have garter snakes. Getting Rid of Garter Snakes I know snakes are harmless, but if I had them in my basement like many who have posted on here, just shoot me now! I think my extreme fear comes from growing up on a farm w3 brothers who loved to throw snakes at me when they found them. May 11, 2017Here is advice from an article inHints From Heloise on how to keep garter snakes away from your house: Mow often and store firewood and other piled material on the perimeter of your property. Seal openings around doors, basement windows, water pipes, and exterior electrical outlets to discourage the snakes from seeking shelter. Place mothballs around the opening of the crawl space and a few inside the crawl space itself to repel snakes and rodents. Don't use too many mothballs inside the crawl space or you will probably smell them inside the house. Tips to Get Rid of Garter Snakes Without Risking Anything at All. Prune the heavy foliage of the plants that are near the ground with the help of a pruning shears. While pruning, make sure that the branches of the plants are at least 6 inches above the ground. Keep your garden or lawn area clean and tidy. Getting rid of garter snakes is a multiplestep process. Not every step is required, but when all done together, the likelihood of eliminating the snakes is greatly increased. If you have a fence around your property, add an extra measure of protection by placing boards to block snakes

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